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Classroom lectures delivered in the convenience of your home or office

Siemens Virtual Instructor-led courses offer students a live, classroom experience with the convenience and cost savings of online learning. These courses provide hands-on instruction and live interaction, delivered anywhere an internet connection is available.

Scheduled courses are typically 10-hour agendas presented Monday through Friday, in two-hour sessions. These sessions provide students with lecture, demonstration, lab exercises, and Q&A sessions – all presented by Siemens subject matter experts. For the full course duration, students can complete assignments and reinforce classroom instruction using a virtual cloud-based application providing 24/7 access to fully functional Siemens software such as SIMATIC STEP 7 and PLCSIM.

Virtual Instructor-led courses include:

  • Scheduled lectures and demonstrations
  • Live group and individual Q&A sessions
  • 24/7 access to fully functional Siemens application software (ex., SIMATIC STEP 7)
  • Working automation projects using Siemens PLCSIM simulation tools
  • Lab exercises and solution reviews
  • Full student and instructor desktop sharing
  • Access to recorded lectures

Status [?]
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20190228Introduction to TIA Portal06/10/201906/14/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,625
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20190227Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages06/10/201906/14/2019ConfirmedOnline Instructor-led Training$1,950
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20190263Introduction to TIA Portal08/12/201908/16/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,625
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20190262Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages08/12/201908/16/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,950
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20190305Introduction to TIA Portal10/14/201910/18/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,625
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20190304Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages10/14/201910/18/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,950
PIA-PAOILMAXTSA-20190315Total Sulfur Application - Vapor Samples10/21/201910/25/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,750
SCT-PTOILPLCI1A-20190346Introduction to TIA Portal12/02/201912/06/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,625
SCT-S7OILPLCI1B-20190345Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages12/02/201912/06/2019PendingOnline Instructor-led Training$1,950